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  • Academons, the application created to make studying at home more entertaining.

    With educational apps like Academons, children at home can improve their grades by up to 30% in an interactive way. Learning at home can be more entertaining!

    Studying and preparing for your exams can be much more fun with Academons, an application with 100% educational content for primary and secondary school. The contents are created by teachers and powered by a methodology endorsed by experts in education, helping children to be much more motivated to review what they have learned in class.

    With more than 20,000 games and interactive cards organized by subject and grade (1st to 6th grade), children at home will learn the most important topics, such as mathematics, English, language, natural sciences, and social sciences didactic way. We can also find subjects in English such as Natural Science or Social Science.

    The idea is straightforward: each Academon represents a subject, and each new learning will unlock an Academon more evolved than the previous one! This playful methodology has been endorsed by Nebrija University, which indicates that if students play 15 minutes a day, they can improve their grades by up to 30%. In addition, this application was awarded as the best Edtech project in Europe.

    In the application, you can find content related to different subjects, such as:

    • Mathematics: basic operations games, fractions, powers, decimals, geometry, magnitudes, and more.
    • Language: word classification games, spelling, accents, phrases, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, and more.
    • English: review activities and games, grammar, vocabulary, writing, and more.
    • Natural sciences (also in English): games on ecology, living things, ecosystems, matter, energy, and more.
    • Social Sciences (also in English): games ranging from prehistory to the present day, interactive maps, the geography of Spain, Europe, and the world, and much more!

    With Academons, children can access fun and effective tool to enhance their education. Join the more than 400,000 parents who already trust Academons!