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  • Andrana Project is the game to play in groups that redefine the limits between the physical and digital worlds.

    Two teams. Nobody knows who is who. Use your character’s skills to find your allies and to discover your enemies. With Andrana Project, a game developed by Muquo Games, learn a new videogame concept with friends.

    Andrana Project, the first game developed by Muquo Games that challenges digital and face-to-face limits. Proposing new dynamics to play in groups and reinventing board games, Muquo Games is committed to delivering a unique gaming experience, always under its concept of Phigital Social Games. In these games, the physical and the digital converge in one place.

    Andrana Project is a hidden role game designed to be played in a group and face to face. You and your friends will be divided into two groups, but beware, no one knows who is who! You will be assigned a random character, and, using their skills, you will have to discover your enemies and make allies.

    • From 5 to 8 players.
    • You must download the game from Google Play or App Store.
    • Join its Discord community to organize games with other players.
    • Your best weapon will be your voice: talk, shout, and mislead the other players, just like in poker!
    • Remote play is possible using videoconference tools.

    But that’s not all: its playing field will place you in the year 2067, in a dystopian future governed by other rules, where strategy, intuition, and bluffing will be essential to achieve victory.

    Dare to discover this unique experience: download Andrana Project and enjoy your friends’ reinvention of board games.