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  • With Baby2Body, enjoy the benefits of exercise during pregnancy and motherhood.

    Baby2Body is your exercise, nutrition, and meditation coach during pregnancy and motherhood. With Baby2Body, find health and wellness information at your fingertips. Baby2Body gives you the tools to feel confident and enjoy motherhood from the very beginning.

    With Baby2Body, you can stay healthy and happy during the different stages of pregnancy and even after childbirth. You can also try different programs per week. Each of them is designed to consider factors such as fertility, gestation period, and even the baby’s first three years. 

    All of this is enhanced by the knowledge of women’s health experts, ensuring a safer, more enjoyable, and goal-oriented exercise routine for pregnant women. Thanks to the partnership with the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, in the «The Doc Says» section, you can read in-depth content and learn much more about health and maternity. 

    We share with you all the options you can find in Baby2Body, making it one of the most complete maternity apps:

    • Meal plans and recipes according to your routines and profile.
    • Daily tips related to your baby’s development stage. 
    • Activity tracking, such as weight, exercise, and water consumption. 
    • Photo and text diary with a record of the most important milestones.
    • Direct access to the app from the Movistar Campus Living App.

    Meet Baby2Body and discover everything you can achieve during pregnancy.