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  • Teach or learn English faster with BlaBla and its method based on short videos.

    BlaBla is an application that allows you to learn languages in a fun and efficient way. Through entertaining, short, and immersive videos generated by native speakers, you can improve your pronunciation and practice with other users.

    BlaBla is an application that revolutionizes how you can teach and learn English faster, incorporating concise, practical, and fun videos generated by native speakers who go through a selection process.

    How to teach English online? Make it fun by joining the BlaBla community. Apply to become a video creator in your native language. Work from home, earn extra money working by the hour, and increase your fan base.

    How to learn English by listening and watching? BlaBla offers a platform full of original and fun videos, powered by artificial intelligence, creating a more rewarding experience than traditional methods, with hundreds of different topics, +8000 videos with lessons, 18 levels, games, the possibility to practice with other users, and much more.

    Wrapping it all up, BlaBla offers its users the opportunity to learn and teach a language from anywhere and at any time. In the following video, you can see some examples of creating content for Blabla and learning from it.

    With BlaBla, you can:

    • Learn English with videos from 30 to 60 seconds.
    • Teach English by making videos.
    • Evaluate your learning.
    • Track your progress.
    • Personalized content suggestions.

    Join the BlaBla community and enjoy learning or teaching English.