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  • ChargedUp: Europe’s largest phone charging network

    The app offers power on demand through its network of portable battery stations

    If you’re one of those people who fears the moment when your mobile phone battery runs out, you should know about ChargedUp, an application which, following its launch in the UK, has become the largest phone charging network in Europe with a presence in shopping centres, airports, stadiums and the most popular pubs/bars on the continent.

    With ChargedUp you can forget about looking at your device’s battery and charge your phone at any time thanks to its extensive network of portable batteries.

    The operation of the application is very simple. To start using the service you just need to open the application, locate the nearest battery rental station, scan the QR code and instantly rent a portable battery to charge the device.

    Each ChargedUp battery comes with fast charging technology and all cables needed for every device, whilst remaining sustainable by powering itself with renewable energy. Are you one of those who can’t stop moving and are afraid of running out of battery power? Try ChargedUp. Through an exclusive partnership every O2 customer gets 1 hour free power bank rental each day.