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  • Widow Games: the best classic board games on your mobile phone

    Classics never go out of style! Widow Games develops the digital version of the most recognizable board games.   

    In the cell phone game market, the varieties range from adventure games to strategy games, simulations, arcade games, and more. Widow Games decided to focus on classic board games and take the board to the digital screen.

    These versions have achieved greater audience commitment and downloads that have beaten records in the industry. Its philosophy: close the gap between the physical and digital words by creating experiences enhanced by the latest in technology.

    Everything is about little big decisions in the Game of Life, about challenging your business skills with Financial Trust, and about healthy knowledge competition with Family Mind Race; just some of the classic board games that Widow Games has successfully created in digital format, thereby offering players an esthetically attractive experience while remaining true to the original mechanics of these games.

    Widow Games is seeking to immortalize the legacy of games loved by millions, now available in digital format. Take the adventure!