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  • Curiosity: Search across all your apps and files

    Curiosity is an app that helps you get more done by letting you search all your apps in one place.

    Want to be productive and get more done at work?

    With Curiosity, you’ll never again have to spend ages racking your brain while you look for that file you need. Finding your documents has never been easier with this app. Curiosity has a document search engine for PC and Mac where you can add and manage all your daily work tools from a centralized desktop. You can also browse your e-mails and files without having to open the app, for more efficient searches and improved productivity at work.

    Using the Curiosity app, you can add both personal and work e-mails, and also check the meetings you have scheduled, allowing you to join them in just a few clicks. Curiosity uses encryption and industry security protocols to ensure your data is protected.

    What’s more, all the information is kept on your device so all your data stays safe.

    If you want to be more productive at work, Curiosity offers a friendly and powerful improvement. By letting you browse with ease between all your apps and quickly find everything you need, it helps you be a Rockstar at work.