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  • App Gazoom, programas para grabar videojuegos

    GaZoom is the application for gamers that automatically captures your most epic moves.

    Discover how to record the best gameplays on your PC or laptop with GaZoom: the app that automatically captures your most memorable moments.

    Have you ever found that you’re in the middle of a game, just about to launch your ultimate when you magnificently pull off an unrepeatable pentakill that everyone –teammates and opponents alike– congratulates you on? If you have ever found yourself in a similar situation, then you should discover GaZoom, the app that lets you automatically record the best moves from LoL, Fortnite, Call of Duty, and many more.

    GaZoom is a computer platform that lets you capture both your most perfect as well as your worst gameplays on any device, without any interruptions. And the best of the lot: all this powered by automated technology that can «understand» highlights during gameplay, avoiding having to record the entire game or doing it manually.

    Comparte tus mejores jugadas con GaZoom

    And if you think all of this is great, then remember that we are talking about more than just a platform, as GaZoom is, above all, a social network for gamers. With this application you can to your profile in just one click, so your friends and other users can start to follow you and enjoy unbeatable gaming sessions, allowing you to become a star and major player in the gaming community.

    But that’s not all, because, apart from the automatic capture tool and the social network, GaZoom also comes with the following features:

    • High-quality video recording.

    • Immediate, secure publication on the most popular social networks from the platform itself.

    • Sync your clips in the cloud to access your most brilliant gaming moments whenever you want.

    What are you waiting for to become a professional content creator? Sharing is living: record your clips automatically, laugh along with your friends, and have a great time thanks to the smart technologies behind GaZoom.