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    Captivate your audience with Genially, transforming your presentations into memorable stories.

    Boost your content with Genially, creating animated interactive presentations in a simple interface to increase engagement with your audience.

    If you think your content is complicated, then just imagine how it will be received by your audience. With Genially, you will leave behind monotonous presentations and focus on interacting with your audience through playful content and animated gamified presentations, all enhanced with images, videos, and sounds, to ensure that even the most complex information can be easily understood.

    With Genially, you will make sure your audience is completely immersed in your content. To make memorable animated presentations, Genially offers a huge library of editable templates, from the color palette through to individual animations. It makes it easier to create content by delivering a fully functional template, giving you the freedom to play around with it so it matches your audience.

    Genially also comes with an intuitive interface, meaning creative presentations can be drawn up in just a few clicks.

    • You can create infographics, guides, or presentations from hundreds of templates, or from a blank document if you are looking for 100% originality.

    • You can upload external .pptx documents and give them a new lease of life using the platform’s range of features.

    • If you are looking to be inspired by and feed off the content of other creators, simply access the vast network of users and their individual creations, allowing you to boost your creative skills and learn different approaches to the tools.

    • For additional support, Genially has its own academy, offering short courses to teach the basic skills, ranging from using the platform through to design and communication techniques.

    Create immersive presentations to make your stories more memorable, giving your audience the chance to interact with them.