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    Discover a wide variety of educational videos for children in over 20 languages

    With creators from all over the world, Highbrow is an online children’s video platform that allows girls and boys to learn by playing.             

    With the Internet full of content that is scarcely suitable for children, Highbrow and its online children’s video platform is one of the best alternatives for creative, stimulating, and fun learning for the youngest among us, using personalization technology to offer the ideal content for every user.

    In Highbrow you’ll find a wide variety of educational videos for children from 1 to 11 years old. The video creators are expert educators coming from everywhere in the world, with over 20 languages available, thereby offering a multicultural ecosystem in which children can learn anything from ballet to family cooking, all according to a policy of high-quality video production.       

    If you’re looking for online educational games with which you can be certain about how your children are spending their vacations or free time, then trust in Highbrow: no advertising, appropriate content for four age groups, videos focused on “healthy content”, and the personal data of children always protected.