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  • Krew; aplicación entrenamiento en casa

    Krew is the best app for training.

    Exercise without limits! With Krew, you won’t need any facilities or accessories. Just log on to the class that best suits your schedule and give it all you’ve got!

    Discover the latest trend in exercise and personal care that’s changing the way we train at home. Krew is the best application for training and exercise on the market, regardless of where you live.

    Train without limits, log on to our platform from any device and schedule your classes at a time that suits you without the need to download any apps or plug-ins. At Krew, we have more than 100 live sessions every day so you’ll always find a class to fit in with your busy life.

    The Krew app contains artificial intelligence, offering you the option to track your movements and score points for effort during your classes. You’ll be able to view your performance in a training session on a scoreboard featuring every connected user. You can also measure your performance over time or compete with classmates from all over the world.  But remember – at Krew, everyone’s a winner.

    As well as being the best training application out there, Krew also empowers high-performance athletes by giving them a digital platform where they can teach live classes. Best of all, anyone can use Krew – you can either pay for individual classes or take out a monthly plan.

    This exercise app breaks down barriers to doing sport and living a healthy lifestyle:

    • Anyone can connect to any class from anywhere. At home, on the beach or in the park… Choose a place where you feel comfortable and ready to give it your all. 

    • Artificial intelligence allows you to track your every movement and view your performance on a scoreboard, as well as providing your instructors with valuable information so that they can draw up personalized recommendations and tips to match your abilities.

    • With Krew, you’ll watch your strength grow day after day with no need for facilities or equipment. Forget sports accessories and focus on enjoying your class.

    Krew takes exercising to the next level so that you can train without limits.