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  • NannyfyTV: the online entertainment and learning platform for children

    New technologies are very useful for developing new educational and entertainment tools for children, however, there are times when the content to which children are exposed is not always appropriate or does not encourage socialization among them.

    Nannyfy TV is an online entertainment and learning platform for children between 4 and 12 years old that offers both video on demand and live sessions guided by professional babysitters. Nannyfy evaluates both the babysitters and the content to ensure the quality and age suitability of the children indicated in the profile creation by selecting one of the age blocks: 4-6 years, 7-9 years or 10-12 years.

    On NannyfyTV, all content is original and aimed at having fun while learning. There are sessions on painting, experiments, crafts, maths, music, sport, cooking without fire or history. Most of the sessions are in Spanish although there are some in English as well. The live sessions follow the same philosophy as the videos, but take place in a virtual classroom that creates the application itself where the children have the opportunity to interact with the nanny and the other children during the activity. The groups in the live sessions are small and all of the same age which favours interaction between them.

    NannyfyTV offers two modes of service. The basic service is free and gives access to a limited set of videos. The premium service is paid and gives access to all the contents of the platform, both videos and live shows in an unlimited way.

    The premium service starts at 12.99€ per month although discounts can be obtained for annual subscriptions.

    Technology applied to the world of children has a lot of potential and in situations like COVID has been a great ally of parents and teachers. How do you think technology can help in this field? What do you think of Nannyfy’s proposal to combine the online world with socialization? Try NannyfyTV with this exclusive Wayra Next Trend community discount code xxxx and share your impressions with the community.