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    Papumba, the app that prepares children for starting school with games.

    Access more than 500 interactive games and learning activities to help your little ones start learning science, technology, engineering, arts, and math, etc.

    The new situation that arose as a result of the pandemic has transformed all areas of our lives and changed the way we relate to each other. Education, like other sectors, is undergoing a major transformation thanks to the appearance of new technological solutions that revolutionize the way of learning at all educational levels.

    Today we are all aware that technology applied to education will be key in a more digitized world. The new normal is also showing us that children learn best by playing and that they are prepared to learn by interacting with technology. And that is where Papumba, an educational app designed for children between the ages of two and seven, has a lot to offer.

    Instead of kids spending time browsing random videos on different platforms, Papumba offers more than 500 interactive games and learning activities to help little ones start learning science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) skills, etc. This training will not only prepare them for starting school but also for having the skills most in demand in future professions linked to a more digitized world.

    The Papumba app offers different personalized experiences to help children in their education, from preparing for school, learning to write, and read, learning numbers, and counting, and developing skills. 

    The app proposes games based on what each child likes to do the most. You can find games for those children who prefer to draw and color, or for those who like to dance and sing more, or for those who are more adventurous and like to dress up or explore nature in their spare time.

    Designed so that each activity is tailored to the age and aptitude of each child, this app is designed around the key milestones of the preschool curriculum. Also, since educating is everyone’s job, the activities are designed to be downloadable and family-centered so the family can join in the fun. Papumba is an ad-free application, it does not offer in-app purchases and its maxim is to offer quality time in front of the screen. Would you like to try out the app with your children? We recommend starting with the 7-day free trial

    ¿Te animas a probar la aplicación con tus hijos? Te recomendamos comenzar con la prueba gratuita de 7 días.  

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