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  • Peoople: discover the best recommendations with your friends and favorite influencers.

    Peoople allows you to discover anything you need thanks to the recommendations of your friends and favorite influencers and to buy it directly through the app.

    Peoople is a new social networking site that offers access to the most reliable source of information around: the recommendations of trusted people, helping you choose when you must decide what to buy.

    Peoople’s goal is to help its users find what is most recommended based on their own search criteria on a wide variety of subjects. On Peoople you can find a hotel, book a restaurant, buy a book or a video game and even find the most recommended series of the moment.

    Also, in the app you can create your own collections in which to add your best recommendations and share them with friends. Through the personal collections each user can recommend the products they always use, their favorite stores, the best movies they have seen or the latest book they have read.

    All the content of the app is displayed in a very visual and easy-to-use format, which stimulates its use for day-to-day decisions. It also allows you to select the purchase option for whatever you find and the app redirects you directly to the website to buy it, or, if you prefer, you can save these recommendations in your collections to use at another time. The app is free and available for iOS and Android.