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  • Master a new language and experience a new learning experience with Poliglota

    Políglota will help you learn a new language by guiding you from the very first session with expert coaches.

    Are you looking to learn a new language but can’t find a way that suits your needs? Well, look no further, with Políglota you can meet your language goals through a proven methodology adapted to your level. The Políglota platform will guide you dynamically through the whole language learning process, working in groups of around 5 members, all with the same level so you can share the same experience.

    With Políglota you can choose from the following languages:

    • English

    • Italian

    • French

    • German

    • Portuguese

    The methodology is based on online sessions, thus ensuring flexibility to suit individual needs, in line with the current trend of virtual education. You can schedule, change or cancel your attendance from the platform itself, always adapting your learning to your daily itinerary. You will also be guided at all times by an expert coach in different language learning techniques. The coach will oversee every work session and ensure you meet the defined goals.

    Forget about monotonous or disorganized learning: Políglota offers a language learning process through socialization (as in real life), where your coach will be in charge of ensuring the confidence necessary for everybody to express themselves freely and give their best, achieving optimal results through a collective learning experience.

    In addition to the personalized methodology, Políglota awards you a certificate based on the CEFR Standard every time you pass one of the five levels, with coaches recording your progress as you master the goals in each session. On average, it takes a group 24 sessions to advance to the next level, although there will always be individual cases that may require different techniques and learning times; but don’t worry, Políglota is there to accompany you at every stage.

    We encourage you to live and share a learning experience in an environment of mutual support and trust. Políglota will push you to master that language you are yearning for.