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    Get some rest and recharge your batteries with Pzizz, the best sleep app.

    Pzizz can transform your rest, even if you’re an insomniac or often have trouble sleeping. This app will lull you into a deep sleep, boosting your energy for the day to come.

    Ever tried listening to relaxing music to get to sleep? The right melody can send you into a deep sleep while you explore beautiful dreamscapes. Pzizz brings you just that with its unique soundtracks to revitalize you during the day and induce you into a deep sleep at night. You’ll wake up feeling rejuvenated thanks to the best music for sleep, where composition is mixed with innovation in psychoacoustics and backed by clinical trials proving that Pzizz assists in getting a better night’s sleep compared to traditional relaxation music, even bringing well needed rest to people suffering from insomnia.

    The app comes with the following features:

    • The best sounds for sleeping to send you into a state of induced hypnosis, helping you stay in a deep slumber and improving your sleep quality.

    • Narration settings let you choose the tone, gender and audio format that you like best.

    • Simple settings to adjust play times and alarms to gently bring you out of sleep.

    • Nap and Focus modules, for quick power naps when time is limited or to improve concentration and increase your productivity.

    Perhaps one of the best features of Pzizz is that the more you use it, the better it adjusts to your preferences, offering you the best beats for sleep depending on your profile.

    Forget your sleep issues and never wake up groggy again. With Pzizz, you’ll feel the effects of getting off to sleep quicker and waking up rested and energized to take on all your goals for the day.