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    Experience epic rap battles and record the best hip hop videos with Rap Tech Studios  

    Rap Tech Studios offers three applications for rap lovers. Record songs and videos or challenge other users to a duel.   

    Have you explored the best platform for authentic rap battles yet? With its three apps, Rap Tech Studios has created a digital stage where the best singers and undiscovered stars can perform their stunning musical creations to the world.

    Discover all the features you need to create the next big rap song and record your own content and hip hop videos. Whether you’re just starting out in the rap world or looking to battle the biggest rappers in our global community, Rap Tech has what you need.

    • Rap Fame is an app that combines the best features of a recording studio and a social network. It allows users to create, collaborate and share their music, building a community that offers support to young people especially. Rap Fame is Rap Tech Studios’ flagship product. It’s supported on Android and iOS.
    • Battle Me provides a battleground for the most epic duels featuring famous rap beats and more than four different battle modes to transform your phone into a studio platform. Contact other users or start battles in random mode and be part of the new way of composing famous rap songs.
    • Rap-Z is the third product from Rap Tech Studios. The app for iOS allows users to record their raps and edit them, adding famous rap beats to transform one small verse into the next big hit. In premium mode, you can make unlimited voice and video recordings.

    Rap Tech Studios offers payment plans and in-app purchases for each app. If you’re on the lookout for a social network where you can share your love of rap or a stage where you can test your skills in some of the best rap battles, you’re in the right place. Find the best option for you and give yourself an opportunity to become the latest hip hop star.