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  • Rosita provides a complete exercise plan for older people.

    Rosita is an app that aims to improve elderly people’s quality of life through exercise and healthy habits.            

    Have you ever wondered how to prepare to grow old? Digital health and exercise for over 60s is a burgeoning trend.

    Rosita was launched in early 2020 to support elderly people during the COVID-19 lockdowns, offering recreational activities with a positive impact on their physical health, such as alleviating joint pain. The app also helps elderly people to adopt healthy habits as part of a long-term strategy.

    Rosita is a longevity coach whose aim is to give you more healthy years of life. You might not think it’s worth worrying about yet but your quality of life in old age will be shaped by your lifestyle today.

    The app offers a range of classes and schedules so that you can enjoy live classes with other users at the same level and motivate one another. As you probably know, your physical and cognitive abilities are affected as you grow older (compared to when you were just a spring chicken!) but that doesn’t mean you should stop exercising or working moments of self-care into your daily routine.

    If you’re suffering from illness, you’re likely to feel vulnerable. This feeling of fragility can discourage you from physical activity for fear of harm, which gradually diminishes your quality of life during your old age.

    Rosita is here to help you feel strong with a wide range of exercises for elderly people:

    • Supervise your healthy habits, activity levels, ailments and illnesses and create a work plan or longevity strategy based on your personal circumstances.
    • Plan for the long term with enjoyable activities every day and improve your health, including relieving joint pain by strengthening muscle.

    All content on the app is designed in collaboration with expert doctors and therapists, reducing the risk of accidents and contraindicated exercises. Drawing on this expert knowledge, Rosita can even produce exercise plans for elderly people who are relatively immobile, making the app an excellent alternative source of support for elderly people.

    Discover the vitality Rosita has to offer and enjoy your best years yet.