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  • Protect your confidential information with shaadow.io

    Shaadow.io lets you include watermarks on files with classified information, thereby maintaining the traceability of documents in both physical and digital format.

    Shaadow.io is a start-up focused on business cybersecurity. It offers a service that, by incorporating an invisible watermark on classified documents, prevents the confidential information of companies and organizations from being leaked and provides you with the complete traceability of documents and increased control over information.

    With Shaadow.io, you’ll guarantee your communications by adding a watermark on a PDF document, which will allow identifying who filtered the information. As a result, an organization can consequently determine individual responsibility and take the respective legal actions. Companies have taken their information and their communications to the cloud, where they have everything completely available. In an environment where remote work has become normal and where services are provided to companies using different types of software (SaaS), organizations have rapidly digitized, thereby exposing certain security gaps that are frequently exploited by cybercriminals.

    Filtered information has been one of the most recurring problems, which could have a serious impact on the business model of a company. To prevent this, shaadow.io has implemented a watermark for critical documents, which is encrypted and invisible to the human eye. This digital solution replicates the idea of the analogue version of a watermark: it reveals a mark between documents to prove their origin, such as on banknotes.

    When you incorporate a watermark on a PDF, you add an invisible layer of security to your communications, thereby getting ahead of possible filtrations. The best thing is that shaadow.io offers plans and the flexibility to adjust to the needs of every enterprise, which allows you to begin with one plan and scale up to incorporate watermarks on every critical PDF of your organization. In security, it’s not a matter of providing one solution for everyone, rather a matter of being able to adapt to each individual.