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    Subly: the automated platform for transcribing, translating and subtitling work videos faster.

    With Subly, the automated platform for generating subtitles, you can optimize your workflow and edit content faster, giving you more time for what really matters.   

    If you’ve been wondering for some time how to translate video audio or how to subtitle work videos faster and easier, then Subly is for you. This platform lets you upload a video and get automated subtitles in a matter of seconds.

    The idea behind Subly is simple: to help you make all your content global. In fact, did you know that subtitled videos are 80% more likely to be watched through to the end? Or that 65% of videos on LinkedIn are watched with the sound off? That’s why having a fast way to subtitle videos has become essential to the strategies of many creators, given that digital platforms and social media are increasingly focusing on audiovisual content.

    With Subly, you can save hours upon hours of work: something that once took you two hours can now be done in two minutes. But that’s not all, this platform can also help you with the following aspects:

    • Improve your workflow thanks to automation technology and a team of experts specially dedicated to its development.

    • Edit your video content much faster and in more varied ways, offering multiple font, color, and style options for texts.

    • Generate subtitles, transcribe, and translate all in one place, helping to globalize your content by offering translation into over 30 different languages.

    • Save time thanks to an intuitive platform equipped with tools designed for easier editing and no special skills needed.

    And on top of all that, the technology behind Subly was designed to adapt to the different needs of organizations, from small digital startups to major corporations, offering up to four different subscription options: free, 10 USD per month, 69 USD per month, or a special subscription for large businesses depending on their size.

    Dare to optimize your time with Subly and make your videos global just like the over 70,000 creators who have already taken the plunge into automation.