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  • Paying shared bills with friends or strangers is possible, thanks to Suscrip.

    Suscrip is the application to keep track of expenses that automatically identifies your account’s bank movements, helping everyone pay more quickly.

    Charging rent to roommates or asking your friends to deliver their share on a subscription can be an unnecessary headache, and Suscrip is the application to pay shared bills that have come to solve this problem once and for all.

    With this application, you can manage your accounts more smartly and transparently. It is ideal for all kinds of situations, whether to split the payment of household utilities such as electricity and water, organize the expenses of a group trip, or even to remind your friends that they owe you last week’s lunch.

    The best part is in the technology it incorporates, which complies with large banks’ same security regulations. At the same time, your personal data is protected by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In this way, Suscrip connects with your bank account, identifying and dividing the expenses you choose and with the frequency you want, sending reminders to the members with whom you share costs, and even giving them the option to pay directly from the application.

    Suscrip does not store your bank transactions or perform behavioral analysis; it only locates the service whose payment you want to split. Suscrip uses the access codes to your bank account exclusively for consultation. They will never make any movements without your express authorization.

    But wait, this is not just an app for bills between friends, but also for sharing subscriptions with strangers. Sort of like the Tinder of subscriptions, in the app’s marketplace, you can find people who want to pay together for platforms like HBO GO, Disney+, and Netflix, among others.

    To use it, just do the following:

    • Sign up.
    • Add your services.
    • Create shared groups (as many as you want).
    • Check how much each person pays (you can pay with any type of card).
    • And receive the money directly in your account!

    In case of any doubt or problem, you can contact them at the support number (+34) 663 221 466.

    Now you know: if you want to save time and money, Suscrip does it for you.

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