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    Volava: discover the latest exercise bikes for unlimited workouts at home.         

    With Volava, you’ll be able to work out at home using two unique exercise bike models with which you can connect to over 2,000 classes.

    Getting a cardio workout at home is much more convenient and smarter when you do it with Volava: a new generation of exercise bikes developed for a modern lifestyle, helping you to complete your indoor cycling routines in your own time and following your own rules.

    Volava’s exercise bikes come in two models that allow you to get an impact-free cardio workout at home, thereby helping you to take care of your joints and prevent injuries, while more efficiently meeting your caloric goals.

    • Volava Smart Bike: a silent bike that you’ll be able to use 7 to 10 times per week, no problem. And to help you meet your weekly cardio objectives, it includes a bracket for a tablet and bluetooth connectivity for synchronizing with the Volava application.

    • Volava Bike: a bike that uses ultra-silent technology, high quality SFK bearings, and maximum protection against rust, in addition to a multi-touch HD screen. It is designed for intense workouts up to 20 times per week.

    And as if this weren’t enough, both models have magnetic brakes with an emergency stop, double pedal systems that include SPD pedals, height- and depth-adjustable seats, bottle holders, and weight holders. Plus, in order to provide you with a more reliable sports solution, each bike includes the following:

    • Technical service.

    • Home delivery (within 5 to 7 business days).

    • Two-year warranty.

    In addition to all this, you can also include Smart Pulse, a new, connected device that will allow you to monitor your heart rate, your level of effort, the number of repetitions, and more, designed to help you train more intelligently.

    Volava is also a community. So if you would like to enjoy workouts that adapt better to your style of life, you can sign up for a number of classes through the Volava app, with 60 new live sessions every week and over 2,000 classes available on demand.

    Doesn’t all this sound good? Then you should know that Movistar customers can also purchase the equipment, financed at 0% APR, including a free, two-month subscription. Find Smart Bike and Smart Pulse in Movistar’s online store and at the following physical stores:

    • La Coruña.
    • Alicante.
    • Barcelona.
    • Bilbao.
    • Castellón de la Plana.
    • Girona.
    • Lugo.
    • Madrid.
    • Murcia.
    • Oviedo.
    • Pontevedra.
    • Tarragona.
    • Valencia.
    • Vigo.
    • Zaragoza.

    What are you waiting for? Unlimited workouts at home, while taking your cardio routines to the next level with Volava!