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  • WIPER: Learn to be a ProGamer with personal coaching

    WIPER helps you play like a pro thanks to one-on-one training with professionals of your favorite games. Train, learn and win.

    Do you dream of making professional moves in your favorite game? With WIPER transform yourself into a top eSports star with the help of the best-verified ProGamers.

    Train, learn and win. Thanks to its platform and training methodology, through training pills, masterclasses and daily missions you will learn all the concepts and techniques. You will go from novice to professional with personalized one-to-one classes, the fastest and most effective form of eSports training. Similar to learning how to play guitar or soccer, eSports requires the same type of methodology to develop the skills necessary to achieve your maximum performance.

    WIPER will teach you good healthy habits such as what position you should sit in to avoid physical problems, recommended diet, exercises and how to combine your eSports training with your studies and/or work.

    Do you want to make the leap to competition at its highest level?
    WIPER is the new Spanish-speaking trend in eSport personal coaching. By being part of the platform, you will be able to access the best leagues and clubs, having the opportunity to compete at national and international level. Of course, as in any sport, you will have to train to the maximum and give the best of yourself, all this accompanied by your teammates, coaches and sponsors.

    The world of gaming is highly competitive, so why not surround yourself with the best?

    Learn how to win in League of Legends, survive in Fornite or how to increase your skills in Valorant thanks to the exclusive content you will learn from the best top eSports players.

    • All of our coaches go through an application and All coaches go through a verification and interview process before being accepted to offer the best gamer talent.

    • The pills are designed with a special educational methodology for eSports.

    • Do you rate yourself among the ranks of the pros in your favorite game? If so, then WIPER can help make you a star in the gaming world. Apply to become a coach and teach eSports to others.

    With WIPER, you can become part of an exclusive community of personal eSport coaching and reach the highest levels in your favorite game.  

    As of February 1, 2022, WIPER will launch its new subscription model. Now, thanks to Next Trend, you will be able to access the exclusive Early Bird offer. Check the conditions before December 26th to benefit from a subscription of only €1/month for life.