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  • WOSH, the world’s most innovative on-line and ecological laundry

    WOSH’s star product is the monthly subscription, designed to do your laundry so you can forget about the washing and the ironing, taking care of the environment.

    WOSH is a great example of how you can continue to innovate even in the most traditional industries. Combining the digital world with industrial technology, it is committed to an ecological and different type of laundry.

    WOSH has received the award for the world’s most innovative laundry in 2020 from CINET, the International Committee of Textile Care. It is expanding rapidly through digital and revolutionary franchises in terms of clothing design and care, with WOSHSTORES now in Barcelona and soon in Madrid.

    From the WOSH app, you can request specific laundry and dry-cleaning services and also subscribe to the monthly plans that they offer to do your laundry. With the monthly plan, once a week WOSH collects and delivers from and to your home your washed, disinfected, folded, and ironed garments within 72 hours.

    With the WOSH app, you can check the status of your laundry and choose the day and time of delivery. It offers various monthly plans that differ in the size of the bag that WOSH provides you to deliver the garments. Plans start in size M, recommended for a single person’s laundry.

    Plan M costs €59/month and also includes the ironing of four garments. The subscription service is very practical for those who would rather spend laundry time on other activities or for those who have difficulty doing housework. This also makes it a great gift for loved ones with mobility problems.

    Not everything is digital in WOSH, it also has brick and mortar stores with a meticulous and open design. All the activity is on display. In addition to home delivery, WOSH offers the possibility of delivering and collecting laundry in the store.

    WOSH places great importance on caring for the environment in every stage of the service. Home delivery and collection is by means of electric bikes in the city and with reusable bags. The WOSH washing system does not use chemical solvents either, and saves more than 50% water compared to household laundry.

    What do you think future homes will be like? Will they have a washing machine? What would you do with the time you spend doing laundry on? Try out WOSH with this exclusive 10% discount code NEXTTREND21 for the Wayra Next Trend community and share your impressions with the community.