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  • Episodio 1 | Code Talks by Ideas Locas ATTPWN: Emulating opponents

    Welcome to the new Code Talks by Ideas Locas! Last year, together with our colleagues from ElevenPaths, we published a series of videos that we called ‘Code Talks for Developers’. In them we counted various projects, but always focusing mainly on programming and showing the source code. In the series we reached three seasons where each year we published an average of 10 episodes.

    Now, from the Ideas Locas team, we have taken up the idea again, only this time we will focus on projects mainly created by us and, as a novelty, we will record the occasional video tutorial on a specific topic related to Cybersecurity and Intelligence Artificial.

    Code Talks by Ideas Locas

    In each video, lasting about 20 to 30 minutes, we will explain and show (both the Ideas Locas team and guests) the operation, as well as all the internal details of the projects, always with source code, or also some technology that we look interesting.

    This one that we present to you today is the first episode of our Code Talks by Ideas Locas, where no one better than the head of Ideas Locas, Pablo González Pérez, to explain the first project called ATTPwn. ATTPwn is an Open-Source project that emerged from the Ideas Locas team as adversary emulation tools within the field of Cybersecurity within the framework of MITRE ATT & CK.

    This video will discuss the meaning of adversary emulation and how organizations can rely on it to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of their security controls. In addition, we will see the running tool and its internal workings. ATTPwn has been present at well-known international cybersecurity events such as BlackHat Arsenal USA and DEFCON Red Team Village.

    Do not miss this new series of Code Talks by Ideas Locas, we are sure you will find them interesting.