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  • Episodio 2 | Code Talks by Ideas Locas ‘Honey Badger’ with Guillermo Peñarando

    Welcome to a new episode of Code Talks by Ideas Locas!

    In this new episode we have with us our partner in Ideas Locas Guillermo Peñarando who will tell us about a PoC called Honey Badger. This tool is based on the SSDP protocol, used in practically all IoT devices in the house today such as smart bulbs or even routers, etc. Honey Badger is a project aimed at creating «ghost» devices (simulating them) to protect ourselves from possible malicious attacks, a kind of IoT honeypot. As in this Code Talk, we focus on its internal operation (that is, source code), we recommend that you first look at this article where we explain its basic operation.

    We are sure that you find it interesting how to protect your IoT network with devices that do not exist (although they act as such) to attract attacks.

    Do not miss this new series of Code Talks by Ideas Locas, we are sure you will find them interesting.

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