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  • Episode 5 | Code Talks by Ideas Locas how can i get started in the world of AI? AI from scratch

    Welcome to a new Code Talks by Ideas Locas episode!

                In this new episode we bring with us our good friend and fellow former colleague of Ideas Locas, Pablo Saucedo where he will talk about how to get started in the world of Artificial Intelligence. Pablo has extensive experience working on various projects both in Ideas Locas and in his new position at Telefónica. So his profile is just great to tell us why he became interested in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence and above all, what advice he can offer to anyone who wants to get into this fantastic world.

                If you are interested in the world of Artificial Intelligence and you are not sure where to start, don’t miss this CodeTalk.       

    Thanks and see you in the next chapter.

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