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  • Episodio 3 | Code Talks by Ideas Locas I recognize your motorcycle just by listening to it: applying AI to the sounds

    Welcome to a new episode of Code Talks by Ideas Locas!

    In this new episode we have with us our partner in Ideas Locas Bruno Ibáñez where he will talk about how to use Artificial Intelligence to detect sounds, their characteristics, and their possible origin. This does not allow the use of this technology in fields as important as, for example, the detection of errors or anomalies in industrial machinery, engines of all types of vehicles, etc. Or even, if the conditions are met, it would be possible to identify the source that is emitting that noise, which opens a wide range of possibilities in the real world.

    The application that we have implemented to demonstrate its usefulness is based on a concept, let us say, closer: the detection of motorcycle models based on the noise of their engine. In this proof of concept, we use different Machine Learning techniques to identify whether a specific motorcycle model is among several collected samples. During the Code Talk, Bruno will explain to us how the idea and the inner workings of this application came about. In this article you have more information about how it works.

    We are sure that you will find interesting the concept of «listening» with images (that is, analyzing spectrograms) and other internal aspects of the operation of this application and its great utility to society and industry.

    Do not miss this new series of Code Talks by Ideas Locas, we are sure you will find them interesting.