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    3 apps to improve your productivity at work

    Hoy es posible encontrar muchas aplicaciones que nos ayudan a aumentar la productividad en el trabajo y ser más eficientes sin hacer grandes inversiones.

    Lack of productivity at work is one of the most frequent problems we come across. Sometimes we don’t have time to do everything we would like to, leading us to ask what we can do to be more efficient.

    Although the problem is sometimes a lack of concentration, other times we simply don’t know how to optimize our time. However, nowadays there are startups that can help us be more productive at work, saving us time and energy.

    Firstly, these solutions allow us to focus on the truly important matters and delegate any repetitive tasks that are not a key part of our duties (such as printing out reports).

    Other apps are designed to help us complete the tasks we already do, but in less time.

    Apps to optimize productivity at work

    Tu Impresora

    Seeing the printer take the day off when we are trying to print out the most important project of our lives is something that has happened to all of us. Maybe the toner runs dry due to a technical problem, or we run out of ink, or even paper.

    Another hypothetical scenario is that the printer is working fine, but we can’t use it because we are miles away.

    Whatever the problem, Tu Impresora has the solution, allowing us to print all our documents online, quickly and comfortably. We simply need to upload our documents to the platform, and receive the hard copies anywhere on the Spanish mainland within 2 to 24 hours.

    We can choose whether to have the sheets loose, stapled or with spiral binding and a cover. We decide on the presentation, and Tu Impresora takes care of the rest.

    The process is very simple, we only have to:

    • Upload the document to the website.
    • Check the quote (which is calculated immediately).
    • Enter our personal details and the address to send the documents to.

    This solution allows us to optimize our time, because we do not have to print out large quantities of paper or waste time checking that everything is running smoothly. We leave it in the hands of someone else, letting us get on with our work.

    Another advantage is that, thanks to this service, we can forget about wasting paper and ink, as we will only print what is actually necessary.


    Secondly, we have Subly, an automated platform that will help us to transcribe, translate and subtitle videos more efficiently.

    If you are a content creator or constantly share videos on YouTube, following accessibility criteria such as adding subtitles and making it available in multiple languages, then you will understand the difficulties this process entails. Manually transcribing and translating takes a long time.

    Subly takes a huge burden off our shoulders and helps us optimize our time so we can focus on our important tasks, rather than on subtitling and translating videos.

    How does this app work? Easy, just follow these four steps:

    1. Upload the video to the platform, and it will automatically generate a speech to text transcription.
    2. If needed, we can edit the transcript by reordering phrases, adding a logo, choosing the font and colors, and more.Luego, podemos traducir nuestro contenido hasta en 30 idiomas.
    3. Finally, we have the option to resize and edit the content using professional tools, tailoring it to the platform where it will be posted.

    Our videos will therefore be ready to be shared with the whole world. And best of all, without sacrificing any workdays. This task can be repeated with each of our commercial or advertising videos; if the content is short, we could even have it ready in less than 5 minutes.


    Finally, an innovative web browser that will delight multi-taskers: Stack Browser. For many people, being able to manage multiple sites at the same time (such as different Instagram or Twitter accounts) while browsing other platforms is absolutely essential.

    The more social media accounts or web apps we have to manage, the more complex the task becomes.

    Stack is a browser that works just like any other, but better. Instead of using an old method like horizontal tabs, which is how conventional browsers work, it turns these tabs into «cards» that we can organize in stacks, creating a workspace that is easier to interpret and use.

    Basically, it is a tool designed to improve productivity for people who need to keep many web pages open at the same time throughout the day but reducing the confusion and visual chaos that this causes.

    So now you know how to optimize your time and do more with less. Start exploring these solutions today and reach your peak performance in the office.