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    Six apps to train your mind

    The pursuit of happiness requires physical and mental care. Getting a fit body and mind is possible with the help of these apps

    Keeping your mind in shape can be a tough challenge when faced with changes in your routine or when setting yourself new personal goals.

    You might want to exercise more, learn to become more focused, or start eating better. If any of that sounds relatable, we’ve got six apps to help you work on your mental fitness.

    Let’s talk about Mental Health

    Spain has been diagnosed as one of the nations to suffer the greatest decline in mental health. In fact, the rise in the use of antidepressants and sleep medication has set alarm bells ringing, with concerns for how Spaniards are dealing with the sense of uncertainty in the wake of the pandemic.

    Spain revealed that in Europe, one in three adults has reported levels of anxiety, and this increases to one in two when referring specifically to young people between 18 and 34 years of age.  The study also sets forth some guidelines on ways to care for our mental health, which include physical exercise, eating well, sticking to a schedule, and—for those who don’t live alone—making sure they can find space for some privacy and alone time.

    Healthy body, strong mind

    One of the best ways to achieve this is by incorporating exercise routines at home throughout the week while also consistently monitoring what we eat and how we are feeling in ourselves. 

    You don’t have to be a typically sporty person; in fact, you need very little to start incorporating new habits that will help you to get fit both physically and mentally. Having a strong and healthy mind depends more on discipline, perseverance and personal convictions associated with well-being.

    At Wayra Next Trend, we tell you about some apps that you can use to help you along the way.

    Exercise and conscious eating

    • Fitco lets you exercise with the best training centers and offers over 300 classes to practice a variety of disciplines. This app also comes with the choice of different subscription options that give you access to exercises and even offers nutritional advice, providing personalized tracking and helping you on your way to all-round health.
    • Baby2Body is an app designed primarily to accompany and advise women while they are pregnant and after giving birth. It includes moderate-intensity training sessions with a special focus on the health of mother and baby. It also ties in meditation techniques, dietary guidelines, self-care tips, as well as a guide containing valuable information that mothers will find useful during their pregnancy.
    • Volava is an app offering subscriptions to get access to over 2000 classes and 10 different ways of training both body and mind, with meditation and yoga sessions even in the most basic subscription option. Volava also comes with a premium subscription option, which can be connected to its line of sports equipment, directly linking your boxing, jogging and cycling training using sensors to give you precise information about your performance and enhancing the user experience.

    Time management to train your mind

    • Pzizz is an application that tackles one of the most decisive factors affecting our performance and our physical and mental health: sleep. This app uses sounds, musical compositions and guided meditations to help you rest. Pzizz will help you to sleep better and optimize your rest. A big bonus of this app is that you can use it offline.
    • Headspace is an app that seeks to enhance people’s well-being. It comes with a free plan for those who are new to meditation so you can get to know the basics of mindfulness. You can also opt for a paid subscription that gives you access to meditation exercises, mini meditations (if you’re short on time), as well as a wide range of audios and videos so you can face daily problems with a clearer mind.
    • ChronoBook is a daily planner with a minimalist aesthetic. Unlike the apps mentioned above, it is exclusively design for iPads and Apple Pencil. It comes with scheduling features to note down itineraries, activities, and mind maps, and lets you organize them by category, link images and even make notes with Apple Pencil. As a minimalist daily planner, it allows you to register and optimize the time you assign to activities thanks to an analogue clock that helps give you a real perception of the time actually spent.

    Create your own haven of happiness

    During these tough times that have forced us to change our daily routines, it is fundamental to keep your mind fit. Getting mentally stronger will help you better deal with the changes brought about by this new reality. 

    Have a go at using these apps to create spaces for taking some time out, getting yourself organized, and becoming stronger while you reach your full potential. With perseverance and discipline, you’ll realize how a strong and healthy mind will be of great use to you not only for achieving your goals, but also to ensure you don’t falter even in times of uncertainty.