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    The effects of an influencer in the digital world

    Discover what an influencer of niche is, how they grow, and how close interactions influence people’s decisions.

    Before buying almost anything, consumers want to make sure that their investment is going to be worth it. From a mobile phone to a film or series on Netflix, nobody wants to risk losing time or money on something without first asking someone they trust: a friend or, in many cases, an influencer. What is an influencer? How do they come about? And what effects do they have in the digital world today? Discover it.

    The boom of influencers

    Whenever you recommend something based on your personal experience, you are offering others the opportunity to learn about something of interest (risks, costs, quality and features, among other things). This principle is the basis for influencer marketing: common and regular people who are engaged in offering quality information about a product or service in a particular niche and around whom a community is created.

    When an influencer’s rank increases and they gain followers, they can drive sales and exercise influence over the purchasing decisions of many consumers. That’s why investments in influencer marketing increased by 189 % last year, and this year an increase of 700 % is expected

    How is a community created? Through time, perseverance and consistency in the recommendations you make. Through social networks such as YouTube and Peoople, influencers publish recommendations and gradually gain both ground and followers.

    Influencers are great content curators

    “Content curation” is a digital marketing term that consists in investigating, organising, classifying, filtering and giving an original focus to information about a subject or sector so that it adds value to the community.

    Influencers must keep up to date on the latest trends and launches, according to the demands of their niche. They must investigate in depth and translate all the resulting information, compactly and in an interesting way for their followers.

    Today, consumers are in a hurry, they need you to explain things succinctly and get straight to the point, which is why platforms such as TikTok and Instagram have become so popular. Content and recommendations can be consumed in just a few seconds

    The effects of an influencer in the Digital Marketing

    1. An influencer motivates user action. Vlogs, tutorials and product reviews are the content leading the lists of what people view the most on social networks such as YouTube (at 31.5 million users, 72 % of the Spanish population). This content is part of what people investigate when they have to resolve a need.

    2. An influencer allows you to be part of a communityEvery influencer represents a community in and of itself. This means that influencers are followed by people whose interests are related, and these people share concerns, customs and values in a unique bond of trust.

    3. An influencer helps to humanise brands. Consumers are more confident when a person they know makes a recommendation, especially if that person is an influencer who is engaged in sharing content related to a specific area of interest. Influencers help to present the value of a product in the daily lives of people, thereby allowing those people to see themselves enjoying that product or service.

    4. An influencer generates credibility.  On the one hand, it’s encouraging to find a natural recommendation of a product or service made by an influencer who uses it daily and tells us about it based on their personal experience. On the other, if a community tends to follow an influencer frequently, that community will likely discover new solutions, articles or services that it was previously unaware of.

    Platforms for influencers

    In addition to the evident applications that every influencer must manage, such as YouTube, Instagram or TikTok, there are other digital tools that can help to better manage the career of an influencer.

    • A Color Story allows you to add effects and colours to stories and images on social networks, with over 40 different effects for giving life to your profiles, in addition to 20 free editing tools for adding art, design and more personality to your channel.
    • Peoople is designed so that everyone can share recommendations and even monetise their efforts at sharing relevant content for their followers. You create a collection of recommendations, you classify the content and you group it so that your followers can benefit, who can also rate your suggestions, thereby creating a more organic community in the process. Peoople already has over 28 million users, and it recently acquired 21 Buttons, thereby exponentially expanding its network of recommendations to include countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, France and Italy, in addition to Russia and Turkey.
    • Unfold is Instagram’s story editor par excellence. This powerful digital tool helps you to create editable templates – some for free and others for a price – adjusted to the size of your stories.It also offers other fonts in addition to those already on the popular social network.

    The value of a social network resides in the relationships that it allows users to build by sharing interests and recommendations of value. Go on! Become a part of these platforms, find a community with which you identify and, most importantly, create a positive influence by sharing what you like the most!