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  • Training at home: tools to make it happen!

    Find out how to do sports at home and what tools and applications you can use to get started today.

    The current health crisis has challenged the physical activity routine of many, many people. A survey made in 122 countries concludes that less than one-third of people who had a subscription have returned to work out in the gyms that have opened over the years.

    The conditions to stay fit have changed, and they have moved into the home. Find out what these trends are and what tools you can use to achieve your goals from home.

    Home fitness trends on the rise

    With estimates indicating that 65% of people want to continue teleworking after the pandemic, it is clear to understand why the search for equipment to do sports at home had a significant increase of 49.6%, in addition to a 16.8% increase in online fitness courses. These numbers indicate that more and more people are setting up their homes for exercise and joining the trend.

    Besides, according to other global surveys, online fitness classes have become the number 1 trend during 2021. More and more people join the «150 minutes a week minimum of moderate physical activity» goal recommended by the World Health Organization; seeking additional health benefits is expanding this goal to 300 minutes a week.

    Essentials to train at home

    To begin a home workout plan, you must have the necessary tools at your disposal for your comfort and safety. A recommended basic workout kit includes the following items:

    • Mat
    • Light dumbbells
    • Tension bands
    • Pilates ball

    SHowever, not having these tools does not limit you from working out at home. You can replace some of these things with 5-liter bottles of water, towels, chairs, or other implements that fulfill similar functions. In the end, all you need is a space in your schedule and a lot of desire!

    In this sense, the idea is that you practice physical activity at home safely and without risking injury. This way, you can use these alternatives until you can acquire the right equipment to train.

    A new wave of apps that help you train

    We recommend three online fitness class applications that stand out for their features, and that will support you in your routine:

    1. Volava

    It gives you access to exercise bike, running, strength, cardio and more classes in both English and Spanish. There are more than 60 live sessions per week, which remain in the app’s library.

    You can also choose the sessions’ duration and the level of difficulty that best suits your condition. Also, it is compatible with Bluetooth heart rate monitors to give you all the necessary measurements of your performance.

    2. BABY2BODY

    This app is perfect for pregnant women and mothers who want to stay active and in good physical condition. In this application, you have at your disposal exercise circuits that will help you make a routine and follow a training plan at home, thinking about the different pregnancy stages and adjusted to your measurements.

    You also have guides for meditation, breathing exercises, and tips that will help you feel good and calm at all times. The application will also help you take care of your diet and provide you with constant information for your health and that of your baby.

    3. FITCO Moves

    You can choose from more than 200 classes from the best centers and trainers, as well as receive a personalized routine tailored to your needs. You can even request a meal plan or have monthly appointments with a nutritionist, depending on your chosen method. In this way, with the Fitco Moves Living App, you will learn how to take care of your body and mind to enjoy integral health. Join the community that will keep you motivated and helps you achieve your goals.

    Remember that with the Living Apps, the digital experiences available on Movistar+, you can enjoy a wide range of entertainment, sports, training, shopping; access the top menu of Movistar+, select the «Apps» option, and choose the ones that interest you the most.

    Don’t stop doing physical activity, keep a good routine and take care of your health. Lean on these apps to stay motivated, keep training from home and stay fit in any circumstance.

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